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Small Business IT Support

Get affordable professional assistance with the operation, control and maintenance of your small business IT system

Sealpoint offers small businesses an affordable, cost effective support and maintenance service.  Costs are reduced by equipping the client’s IT system with a comprehensive remote access facility that allows Sealpoint to inspect, monitor and reconfigure most IT activities without the need to physically visit the client’s premises.

Most small business systems use Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Internet Explorer as their foundation software.  All businesses have to keep accounts and many need to produce quotes, invoices, manage VAT and process employee’s wages.

Many small businesses will already have a broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP) for e-mail and website hosting but often their ISPs provide only limited business support and may not offer remote access, database hosting, enough e-mail boxes, VPN channel access or advanced website creation tools.

The support and maintenance of IT hardware and software can become an onerous time consuming task for the business owner when he needs to be concentrating on the running of his business.  Small enterprises usually have a cash flow constraint that does not permit the hiring of a resident IT specialist or the cost of a traditional outsourced IT support company. 

Sealpoint Computing offers an alternative approach to the operation, control and maintenance of IT systems for businesses with less than 10 employees and using from a single desktop PC up to a Windows Small Business Server system.

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